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Only One Mission

Dear Friends,

In this month you have supported our mission in so many ways. Thank you for the clothes, chairs, office supplies, apples, and financial help. We have been able to help lots of people through your generosity.
Thank you to all the volunteers for all their work and we look forward to working wth more and more of you. We are open to any volunteers who would like to share in our mission. 


Saint Angela, Franciscan School’s students at the Only One

At the beginning of October students from St. Angela’s secondary school visited us as a part of a day dedicated to spiritual works. They got to know not only the institution but the colleagues as well, whose testimonies they listened to.
Students had the opportunity to meet our guests and those in need, and we would like to thank the participants for bringing baked goods.
The foundation of our mission is a Christ centred mission. We believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ puts every life on track and gives it purpose. We wanted to pass this message on to the students as well.
One of the student participants, a young woman, reflected thus:
“I realised it would be impossible to tell people how good it is to help out there, and how interesting it is, they wouldn’t pay attention. Because I think, and this is really from my heart, that for someone to understand and feel this they have to go close up and see it.”

Report on Bible Study

Primarily, God’s strong presence and compassion amongst the members is what makes this group different.
We all sit in a circle, homeless, volunteers and colleagues. It is the message of the Gospel that binds us and awakens in us a bold faith. The living Christ is at the centre of our community. Touched be His presence Alíz, a drug addict, sits with tears streaming down her face. After Bible Study she only said “All things are possible with God, even my situation.” This faith and desire, that Jesus Christ appear among us and declare Himself among us, gathers us week after week. We desire to meet the Lord of Life, who promised us he would be with us until the end of the world.

Crafts Club

We would like to begin a crafts club, with the goal of not only creating fun and useful objects but of reaching those who have no one. Creative work together is a good spontaneous opportunity to talk about the ups and downs in life. Gifts can be made for loved ones and the experience of creating and giving can belong to those who often spend day after day standing in line for their most basic needs.
We would ask for your support, through prayer and donations, to help these people.

Community of Ózd

As a fruit of our mission to Ózd earlier this year a community has come into existence in Ózd. More and more members now read the Holy Bible every day and are building their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
With the support of the local Catholic parish with went out onto the streets to preach the Word to the locals of Ózd. It was a great joy that several people from the Only One joined this mission.
At the end of the month the community will make a pilgrimage to Mátraverebélyszentkút, one of Hungary’s great pilgrimage sites and experience the treasures of the Church there.
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News from the Donation Shop

Our donation shop awaits our guest with a cosy tea corner
and a continually renewed choice of merchandise.
Enjoy a hot tea as the weather grows cold,
and if you like the cup you drank it from you can even purchase it. 

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Thank you your help!