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Only One Mission

Faithful working for those in need.

Dear Friends,

The new year has begun, bringing all its blessings, joys, and challenges. The month of January is especially hard for our guests, and families in need. The early arrival of the family allowance means that many families cannot cope with the bills and expenditures. They have to choose between heating, or something to eat. An impoverished life leads to health problems and the physical condition of the needy deteriorates, digestion, circulatory problems evolve and the immune system weakens, chronic illness often evolves. Illness limits the employment opportunities and it becomes difficult to move forward in trying to better themselves from one month to the next.

One problem leads to the next, there is a Hungarian saying that “the poor man is held back by even the branches”. We want to help, we want to break this vicious cycle, we want to help our guests and those in need to find new opportunities and possibilities! Gathering strength from our relationship with God we try to show a future filled with hope to those coming to us! We believe that this year will be a blessing for many and they will be escape this vicious cycle and find themselves in the flow of God’s love!

Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ (Ephesians 4:13)

Permanent Support

How do we help? We are a daytime care facility. Those in need visit us for breakfast, lunch, to wash up, take care of affairs, in addition to these there are many other areas that need the help of donations. For someone to be employed they need to be in good health and in these cold winter months many come to us asking for help with their prescription medication. In January we helped with 104,853 forints spent on prescription medication. We were able to help families in need with 113,600 forints for food parcels, cleaning materials and utilities, in addition to 117.940 forint on food items. Above and beyond these costs we often help with legal affairs and travel outside of the city for official business, a cost that came to 52600 forints spent on the needy. We strive to provide quality meals everyday, in addition to meals provided we monitor the caloric intake and in the winter months provide vitamins for our guests.

These are costs which we could not finance without your financial support. We ask you to continue to help us help by making a donation:

Efrata Foundation 11719001 – 20322546

        From outside Hungary: IBAN HU 87 1171 9001 2032 2546 000 0000      


Thank you!

our volunteers in the kitchen

Bible study

It was awesome to see God’s strength in the simple confines of the cellar area we operate from. It was as if we saw the events recorded in the Acts of the Apostles become a reality there at our Tuesday Bible study. One of our worship leaders (a former addict) was filled with such anointing by the Spirit that before our eyes 10-15 people heeded his words and all together desired to offer there lives to Jesus. These are amazing moments, and come from a sincere heart, everyone knows that our mission serves all regardless of their faith or lack there of.

Oláh mama

She walks the streets of Budapest with an infant stroller though she has no child or grandchild this age, however one never knows where one will find a good donation… Oláh Mama is a retired grandmother who after finishing life as a mother had to begin again with the raising of her 6 grandchildren, for whom she cares for every day… In the link below you can read her story and help to support her family. link

We received 150 Nike gloves as a donation

This month a generous supporter made a gift of 150 sets of gloves to our visiting guests. We are very grateful, as are our guests who spend their whole days outside in the winter cold. The appropriate clothing helps to prevent frostbite

Thank you!


Families in Ózd

“It is a weekday. At least my children get something to eat at school. There is breakfast, a snack, a warm lunch. They are warm all day. I work in the public works program. Though this has come to an end. My CV has been submitted to several places… but I haven’t got any positive responses. I’m not an addict, I believe in God, that He will help me. He has helped me through difficult times before. I’m raising my 3 daughters alone, better said Providence is. We live in a small house and sleep in one bed…It is difficult to find work that I can do and still raise the 3 of them alone. What they sent in January was less. We live from day to day. We are thankful for what we have… I have to ask for loans, and there is hardly a person I know I do not owe something to. I feel ashamed but I have not choice. Who can I turn to? My parents are dead and most of the family lives in similar circumstances. I would like to work and provide security for my children”

A mother from Ózd

At the end of January we received a generous donation with which we are able to help 10 families with food. This food found its way onto the table of families in very difficult situations. Every two weeks we host the members of the adult and children’s groups for a Saturday lunch. For many it is their first meal of the day.

Thank you for supporting our mission!

If you would like to help the families in Ózd and our mission there please make a donation:

Efrata Foundation  11719001 – 20322546

        From outside of Hungary: IBAN HU 87 1171 9001 2032 2546 000 0000      

        SWIFT OTPVHUHB. Please add the comment: Ózd mission


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News from our Charity shop

We look forward to seeing you weekdays from 10:00 am in our shop. In addition to great shopping there is always the possibility to make donations, we need good quality and usable items, technical items and seasonal wares and mens clothing. Following our organisational work we are in great need of clothes hangers.


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