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Faithful working for those in need.

Dear Friends, 

In the merry month of May we were mainly occupied with providing practical help (primarily to larger families in need) and evangelisation. We were able to help a mother of four with a larger amount of 65000 Ft to help her pay her bills past due and for some shopping etc. This woman, now grown skeletally thin has been heroically working for years to keep her family together and deserves all the help we can give. We were also able to help a Grandmother raising her four grandchildren abandoned by their mother, and the family of their deaf and mute cousins with a larger amount. Here too the money went towards food parcels, shopping, prescription medicine, utilities. We were able to support two other families with food and utility costs.
Without your help we could not help these families in need!
Thank you!

“My help is from the Lord, who made heaven and earth" (Psalm 121:2)


Biblie study

Bible study was visited by 10-15 people and the teaching given and the work of the Holy Spirit helped a majority of those present to decide to commit their lives more deeply to following the Lord. Two asked for intercessory prayer and said they would like to come to spiritual community events. Praise God! Thank you for these souls!

Mass at the Only One

The wonderful priest of the  VIII district Tömő street Our Lady of Hungary chaplaincy, father Péter Roska celebrated Holy Mass this month at our mission. The atmosphere was one of family, and the music was provided by guitar, it was a well attended mass. The Lord visibly touched several people. There were some who went to the sacrament of confession and some who wanted to attend catechism classes later. A surprising number received the Blessed Sacrament

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Ceferino Days in Ózd

We have to write about the work of our mission in Ózd. In May we commemorated Blessed Ceferino and had a celebratory event with the Victorious Lamb Community. The two day event included a school evangelisation centred on drug prevention, there was street outreach, Holy Mass, and a community gathering. We had a talent show, Other communities from the area were invited to visit the events. It was joy to experience our faith regardless of age, sex, nationality. We stood in unity around the table of the Lord! We praised the Lord for this weekend! Our mission has frequently been helped by the YWAM mission team and Zoltán Molnár, full time YWAM  missionary writes of the event, “On May 11-12, we participated in the Ózd mission, with an international group of young people. They learnt of the daily life of the Gypsies in Ózd, their problems and their culture. They testified of their faith and of their relationship with God. They encouraged each other through their faith. They spoke of the acceptance given by God, of how God loves and accepts us unconditionally. Even if the world rejects us God still loves and accepts us. It was good to see friendships formed there and a group who all accepted each other in love. I believe these meetings are important because of the testimony we can give of from where the Lord has saved us and thus encourage others.” 

Support given

In addition to the previously mentioned support we provided 110 meals a day, handed out food parcels, helped with prescription medication and utility costs, and helped 80 individuals to find a job and/or accommodation, administrative paper work and the mental health care of some. Some slip through the social safety net, some have to try to pay for 30,000 Ft in medication with an income of only 20,000 Ft. In these instances we try to help, but we are not able to cover these costs with money won from tenders. We see the need (medication for the chronically ill, accumulated debt, school costs, food, utility costs, transportation, and costs associated with starting a job), but unfortunately we are only able to help to a limited degree. Who can these people on the very edge of society (many unable to work) turn to?
Help throw these people a lifesaver! Support our Foundation!

The EFRATA Foundation: 
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Charity shop's evening

On May 25th our shop once again joined the Donations Shops’ Evening. We had special sales, and surprises and were open until midnight welcoming customers. Thank you for the donations and to the shoppers!
A note to those wanting to donate: we are only able to receive donations at our centre
1068 Budapest, Király u. 98/a. (entrance on Izabella street).
Come by any weekday!

Charity shop's evening

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