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Only One Mission

Faithful working for those in need.

Dear Friends

The month of February was another cold one. The problems that come with winter remained for many families, we had to continue our help with housing and the high utility costs, and the expensive bills (147,000 Ft). This in addition to the increased expenditures on medicines for the winter flu season (82953 Ft). We were able to help with public transport passes and travel expenses to the amount of 53,400 Ft. Food parcels came to the amount of 92,000 Ft.

At this time of year having a hot meal becomes even more important, we are able to provide 120 meals a day, in addition to 100 cold-cut sandwiches every morning accompanied by hot coffee or tea.

We look forward to Easter with great joy, when again Éva Csillag and her “little angels” (8-14 year olds) will present a Passion play. This is always a great joy and consolation to our guests. We kindly ask for your donations, prayers to help our work.

God bless you all!

Bible study

The primary goal of our institution, in February too (naturally in addition to actual, everyday help) remains he mission work we do with the people visiting us. It seems God has given us a new inspiration. A central member of our team is Tamás, someone who has himself “been to hell and back”. In the recent past he has received such an anointing that all of us together listen in awe to him preach the Word of God! It strengthens our faith that at these meetings and 8-10 people ask for prayer and many offer their lives to the Lord Jesus. Many of us will always remember the occasion when – though there was a power outage – we were able to sing in the dark, praising God and adoring His Cross. The Spirit touched everyone that day.

The Crisis home program has ended

Our crisis home program has ended. With the help of a generous sponsor we were able to house a single mother of five in a comfortable and newly renovated home and to provide her with financial help. The woman is now able to pay her own rent. Thank you for the help in all of their names.

You can read of our Mission in Renewal Ministrie's website

Renewal Ministries’ Missions Administrator Kathleen Kittle recently served on mission in Hungary. You can read the full report here. During her time in Hungary, Kathleen spent a day with Country Coordinator Deacon Zoli Kunszabo’s wife, Panni, shown above at the Only One homeless day shelter. Below, Panni shares more about the Only One shelter, the mission behind it, and the people it serves. You can read more about this site.

Thank you for the donations from the Holy Family Parish


We would like to introduce another life and ask you to support her. This fifty year old woman lives in a hut, during the winter too. Her 20 thousand forint income has to be used for medicines, food and gas. If you would like to support Szilvia and read more of her story click on the link below.

For you too!

We organised a small prayer group to visit and pray with those who live not the street and do not visit us.

We meet the third Friday of every month at 14:00 at the Only One Mission.

You can volunteer by writing to Judit at ertedis@hotmail.com .   

Gypsy Mission in Ózd

Thanks to regional cooperation there was Gypsy mass in Ózd, and Gypsies came from Miskolc, Kazincbarcika, Arló, Esztergom, and Szendrőlád. We want to form a community and to celebrate the King of our lives Christ in the Holy Mass.

The music at the Mass was given by a band from Szendrőlád, who performed authentic Gypsy music

Almost 200 people gathered at the Ív street parish, they listened to testimonies, praise, listened to the Word. Afterwards the children group of the Ózd Victorious Lamb Community performed Gypsy dances

It was very rewarding to see that this many people wanted to praise God with all their hearts and to give thanks for their lives.

News from our donations shop

Our donation shop is filled with good quality women’s and men’s clothing, accessories, and books. Come and visit and see for yourself! You can find the perfect gift for birthdays, name days, women’s day!

To help better organise the shop we ask that you bring any clothes hangers you are not using.


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Thank you for your help!

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