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Dear Friends,

Easter has passed and the following weeks were ones of quiet and peace.
Spring has been a more serene time, as it often is. No exceptional thing happened during this period, and for this reason we are able to better present the work of the youth of YWAM, who visit us twice a week and are an exceptional help. 

“God gives the growth" (1 Cor 3:6)

YWAM- group

YWAM (Youth With a Mission) is an interdenominational, worldwide mission community, with for forty years has continually trained young people to spread the Gospel. The volunteers applying to the organisation take part in several years of training, part of which is work helping in a social institution of the country they are working in. Our institution has hosted volunteers from English speaking, Scandinavian, and South American countries, in part due to the excellent relations that have developed between the leaders of the local YWAM organisation, Alap and Rosie Phom and us.
It is always an uplifting sight to see these truly enthusiastic, committed young people sit down among our guests and speak to them, and if they are able, to pray with them. A wonderful surprise is to see how God touches the souls of those who visit us through the young people. Many tear up when prayed for and hands are gently laid on them . They provide practical help as well! They cut the hair of many guests, some with very shaggy heads. The girls and women are able to get manicures as well and have their hair styled. Their preparedness to spread the Gospel and pray is exemplary. People accept and love them very much. Not surprisingly, a new hair style and a good conversation with someone from abroad helps them return for while to their previous lives and true selves. Thank you YWAM!

Hair cuts

You can support us with 1%-of your income tax

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This link has a preprepared printable declaration for the tax form.
Thank you for the help!

April Support

We are able to help our needy, poor and large families this month too, though to a lesser degree, with prescription medication costs (42160 ft), transportation expenses (32600 Ft) food parcels, food coupons (83000 Ft),  natural gas and electricity bills (65000 Ft) a In addition to providing 100- 120 people every day with meals.
And, with a lot of work and cooperation we were able to place a young person suffering from multiply addictions in and appropriate institution (This may have been the most difficult).
Thank you for your help.
If you would like to help our work please click on the picture below and learn of the various ways to help us.


New colleague

Our mission grew this month with the arrival of a young, but experienced social worker Csaba Schuller, who with his committed faith, and past working with drug addicted youth has already helped us a lot. We trust he will be able to even better and more effectively help those youth suffering with addictions.

Behind the faces

We see familiar and unfamiliar faces everywhere, And behind each one of these there is a life story, Of then these faces show how they feel now, what they are thinking, but are also an impression of what the individual has gone through. What do we see when we see someone in need, a homeless person, and addict? What lies behind his or her pained expression? What lies in his or her injured heart?
To see the video, click on the picture below:

Ózd mission

Our mission has an opportunity to provide child and adult catechesis once every two weeks at the Ózd parish. More and more children arrive at every class (especially from needy families). We believe it is important that the members of the community be strengthened in their Gypsy and Christian identity, that they be active members of the Church and know Christ. At present we are collecting donations for 30 children to attend our summer camp. The summer is a time when parents often have the difficulty of finding child care for their children who are out of school, because they are at work.
The summer for these children is not about camps and summer fun, and we would like to change this, we would like to provide 30 children with the chance to enjoy a great summer camp.
We trust that with the generous support of many we can collect the amount.
The camp will provide a chance for spiritual programs, games, dance, sports and swimming.
You can support us at the Efrata Alapítvány (Foundation), please add “Summer Camp 2018”  in the comments section of the bank transfer
Bank account number Efrata Alapítvány 11719001 – 20322546
from abroad: IBAN HU 87 1171 9001 2032 2546 0000 0000 SWIFT OTPVHUHB
See the video of last years camp by clicking on the picture below: 

News from the Charity Shop

Our shop has joined the “Donation Shops Evening” event and on May 25th,
Friday we will be open much longer, until midnight in fact, and have all sorts of special sales. For further information see our facebook page, by clicking on the image:

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Our brochure can be found: here
Thank you for your support!