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Only One Mission

Faithful serving those in need

Dear Friends

We are preparing for Autumn and collecting clothing, buying fuel and crisis kits with which to support the needy. It was a joy to learn this past month that several of our guests enrolled in school to continue their unfinished education and thus open further possibilities in advancing their lives.
There are several programs coming up so get ready to follow the news.

Fall and winter clothing drive

A crisis period is coming

In the cold weather more warm clothing is needed.
At night the weather cools down a lot and for this reason an individual needs 2-3 items of warm clothing,
blankets, and sleeping bags. We are in a great need of proper shoes and warm socks.
Mrs Anna Pataki Kunszabó, the head of Only One Mission,
spoke to Bonum TV about the present challenges faced by our service.

To hear the report click on the image below:

City mission in Budapest

There will be a city mission in Budapest between September 30th and October 8th.
The goal is to strengthen our own faith and to give witness to Christ and
the hope filled future available to all in Christ.
The programs across Budapest will proclaim this good news next week.
You can learn of the programs through Facebook. 

No One’s Children- What would you do?

We look forward to welcoming you on October 6th at 7 pm
at Our Lady of the Visitation Church in Újlak,
in their community hall where there will be a talk about the life stories
of the guest of the Only One Mission and visitors can glimpse the foundations of the mission.
For more information click on the Facebook event.


A half year ago we begin our housing project through
which we are able to help a large family with their rent.
During these past months were were able to settle them in a flat and to pay their rent,
all the while putting away savings every month which will help them to stand on their own feet in time. Volunteers help the family with babysitting and taking the children to and from school.
Helping our mission helps people such as these.

Mission in Ózd

In the past month our foundation was able to help needy families
in Ózd with a quarter million forints.
The support helped families to purchase fuel for the cold season.
On September 29th mission team members went to a school to evangelise and out onto one of Ózd’s poorest streets, where they provided 200 warm meals.
We ask you pray for our mission work.

Making music together 

Charity shop

We look forward to welcoming you every weekday,
either as a shopper or if you are brining donations.
Our shop can be found at Izabella utca 36-38,
in the 6th district of Budapest.

 Completing studies 

It is a great joy when we see our guests make progress.
We would like to help a mother of 4 to continue her education,
she requires a few textbooks, if anyone has mathematics books,
a historical and geographical atlas and could make a gift of it to this mother we would be thankful.
These could be left at out centre from 7:00-16:00 on weekdays,
Király utca. 98/a (entrance from Izabella utca, at the 76-os electric bus stop).

Thank you again

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Thank you for the help!