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Only One Mission

Faithful working for those in need.

Dear Friends, 

The month of November was especially full of challenges for us. Winter arrived, and with it our attempt to offer even more help to our families, including bill payments (134,000 Forints), purchasing gas heaters, winter fuel, and 70,000 Ft. in food purchase. We also supported those turning to us with 40,752 Ft in medicines. Without the help of your donations we would not have been able to provide all this help. Thank you.
We'd like to apologise for the delay.

We wish you a blessed Christmas and a new year rich in grace!

No one’s children

Read the the article written for the Vigilia journal by the head of our institution Mrs Anna Pataki Kunszabó and learn more of the work of Only One Mission and its spirituality, click on the the picture below.


Shoe box campaign

79 shoe boxes have been collected and will be given to the children of those families in need who turn to us. We need about 10 more so that all the children will have some small present under the tree. For further details click on the link.

He said goodbyes to homelessness 6 years ago

On the day we opened, in 2011, we met Tamás Olaj, who was one of our first homeless guests. The Only One Mission changed his life, he found God, and has been working for 6 years now and living in a rented apartment. There is hope, and a way out of seemingly  hopeless situations.

To hear his story click on the picture below.  

Mission to Ózd, purchasing firewood

We were able to purchase 360,000 Ft worth of firewood for families in need, in Ózd. Families are only able to heat their homes and cook with wood fires and without this help are very vulnerable.

We have received more donations for firewood purchase with which we can help impoverished families in Ózd. Another donation to our Mission in Ózd will help to provide Christmas lunch for the Victorious Lamb community. There are at present 30 children in the children’s group, our adult community has about 10 members. Pictures of the firewood donation can be seen by clicking on the link.  

The mission of our Christian Slovak bretheren

Without a doubt the most meaningful spiritual experience of November was the visit by our brethren Bohdan and Jozef. Jesus truly arrived with them, for just as He promised “those who welcome you will welcome Me.” Jesus touched people as the two charismatic group  leaders from Kassa prayed for people for physical and spiritual healing. The two men gave a week of their vacation time to come and pray with burdened people and to pray for their fears, and deliverance from all unholy things that bind these people. People came all week, every day, from 10 am to 2 pm continuously. The grandmother raising her five grandchildren alone, the unemployed piano teacher, the overly eccentric masseur, the Gypsy boy struggling with addiction all turned to God in desperation and our brothers prayed for them and asked the Lord for healing and for the Holy Spirit to come. And before our eyes the Lord healed and delivered and increased faith.

We too prayed and were prayed for, and experienced God’s endless love, His encouraging words, and the power of His Spirit and bathed in the the endless mercy of God.

At least forty people  experienced healing and were given strength through their dedicated service.


Thank you Lord !

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At home

Everyone needs a place which belongs to them, where they can put items without fearing the next moment they will be stolen, or where they have their own bed where they can live in peace and security. Most of the people who visit us do not have such a place, they have no place where they can say “I’m home!”. They wander and carry their shopping bag sized lives, on the street, on public transportation, between institutions. Some have lived this way for decades.  

Klára is a youthful 54 year old talkative woman and has for the past 3 years lived in a wooden house she calls “home”. Visiting her one would think that this little house seems more a prop for a play set in the 19th century and not a proper home. Nonetheless this is where she feels free, marveling at the natural world around her, at the Danube and welcoming stray dogs. The temperature inside was 4 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. It was in this cold that Klára lived and slept every day. Our mission was able to help her with a heater.

If you would like to help people in similar situations please make a donation to:


Efrata Alapítvány  11719001 – 20322546

for outside of Hungary: IBAN HU 87 1171 9001 2

Introducing our Ministry

On December 17th, Gaudete Sunday, our Mission will give short presentations on our work at both the St. Anthony of Padua and St Stepen the Marty Franciscan parishes following  every mass. We look forward to seeing you there

Holy Mass times are

St Anthony’s in Pasarét:7:00, 8:30, 10.00, 11.30, 18.00 és 19.30.

St Stephen’s on the Margit krt.: 6:30, 8:30, 10:00, 11:15, 12:30, 18:00, 19:30.

One day retreat

On December 1st we held a one day retreat for all our colleagues and volunteers. The spiritual content was provided by Father Péter Roska, who spoke of merciful love, of moral differences, of living true love, and of how important it is to learn from our own vulnerable situations. and to reframe what we have experienced.

Following these thoughts we talked in smaller groups and prayed for each other. We finished the day with Holy Mass. We gave thanks for every helper, donator, and supporter! together we experienced what it is to be ONE BODY, the body of Christ.. and your presence and your help would be much missed. Thank you for your support throughout the year!


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Thank you for your help.