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Only One Mission

Faithful working for those in need.

Dear Friends,

If we think of the month of December we think of two things, Blessings and Thanks.

We received enormous help from our supporters and volunteers to help make Christmas bright for our guests and families. This past month, in addition to the Christmas celebrations, we tried to help with prescription medications, food parcels, and utility costs, 231,000 forints in total. In addition to this we were able to give 144,000 forints in vouchers, right before Christmas. You can read more of the happenings in December and our Christmas programs below

We wish you a new year full of blessings and grace!

Christmas Lunch

For years now we have tried to make Christmas a bit more magical for our guests. For those who do not have a nicely laid table, safe home, decorated tree, gifts, or loved ones, to go home to. We want them to feel the true meaning of Christmas, that the Son of God truly did come among us to bring us LIFE and to prepare a place for us, and that we may become the children of the Father. We believe that the December 22nd celebratory lunch was a place where all could feel loved. We provided 150 restaurant lunches for the needy. The donation came from the Vígvarjú (Joyful Crow) restaurant and words cannot express how thankful we are.

To see mroe pictures click on the picture below.  

Shoe Box program

In the previous newsletter we wrote of the shoebox program. Thank you for providing almost 90 children with a happier Christmas. It was touching that the donations came from different places in the country, all to give children in need beautifully prepared personal gifts, as if from angels. There were private individuals, families, communities and classes who joined this program. By clicking on the picture below you can see a few pictures of the joy brought to the families and children. Thank you.  

Volunteers and Supporters

I would like to say thank you to all those in the 2017 year who supported us with their donations, physical help, prayers, ideas and connections.

Without exaggeration we can say that without you we would not have been able to complete this year! Your presence and support are a gift for us!

By clicking on the picture below you can see more pictures of the Christmas get-together  for our volunteers and supporters.

Our community’s Christmas

Thanks to our donators we were able to host the Tömő street community this Christmas at a restaurant

(picture here). In Ózd, where we also have a children’s and adult’s evangelisation, we were likewise able to celebrate Christmas in a restaurant. The families that we were able to host are ones who are never able to dine in such a place. Among the needy children are several who have never before received a gift. Seeing the joy and surprise in their eyes was priceless.

Thank you for your support

Further pictures can be seen by clicking on the image below.

Helping Hand Christmas program

We try to help all of those who turn to us, but we are not able to help those needy families stricken with sudden costs. For emergencies like this we need the extra help of supporters. IN December a large family pitched in to help a single mother of three during difficult times at Christmas. A few pictures can be seen below.

We would challenge you to think about supporting a needy individual or family either alone, with your family, community or workplace, perhaps even on a monthly basis. Please visit our website for further detials, click   here for details, we look forward to hearing from you. Together we can help even more families in 2018.

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Nativity Play

Éva Csillag’s catechism students had been preparing since October, as they have for years, to beautifully present the meaning of Christmas through a heartwarming play at our institution. They do not simply present a Nativity play, but act out at play written especially for the guests of the Only One Mission. The story of the Holy Family and Bethlehem and Redemption is present as the Good News for all. Thank you for their gift and hard work


    Further images can be seen by clicking ont he picture below:

Charity Shop News

Thank you for a year of support, donations and purchases!

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