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Dear Friends,

We are only able to fulfil our missionary vocation with your help.
Helping those most in need and only tending to
their material needs would not be enough.
With your support we were able to use 120,000 Forint to:
- pay for medication
- help with rent
- purchase food parcels
- help start careers
- help travel expenses
- buy dietary supplements
- put together school parcels

From drunken alcoholic to a restored life

Dénes visited us again, dropping in on “Izabella”,
as our guests say (we are located in Izabella street).
We hadn’t seen him for a long time and only his eyes were familiar.
His faced had changed, in the past years it had reclaimed its youth,
cleared, and become full of life. Dénes had been miraculously saved
at the last minute from death a number of times by Providence,
and he had begun a new life. He took part in an ALPHA course several years ago,
and we believe that the prayers said for him helped him in his transformation,
and to go through rehab, learn to value himself, his family, and loved ones again.
His dishevelled appearance became once again dignified.
This restoration happened not only on the outside but in his heart. 

Chatolic Social Days

Catholic Social Days (KATTÁRS) were organised again
this September and we were among
the 30 Catholic organisations presenting our mission.
At the connecting conference, held at the Sapientia College,
entitled “Mission and the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy”,
the head of our mission spoke about our work.
The report can be read at the Magyar Kurir website by clicking on the image below:

Thank you for the opportunity

Report on the 1% tax credit

Many have supported our Mission in years past with 1% of their income tax.
We would like to say thank you for the 612,247 forints received.
All the funds go towards supporting our various mission activities.

Bible study

Our prayers have been heard, and the number of those attending
our Bible study has grown.
It is amazing to see Luca – who at the age of 12 was sent to work
on the streets as a prostitute by her adoptive “family”
– bravely and seriously showing interest in faith.
During songs of praise Luca too raises her hands
towards Heaven and asks to be prayed for after the meeting.
There is no sign of false conversion or calculating,
in fact she does not even claim to want to repent.
Yet the Lord has touched Luca, who in her own raw
and straight forward way has responded by asking for further prayers.
She says she has not taken any drugs for the last 3 weeks and has stopped selling her body.
A small victory that may well be temporary, however,
the Lord heard her prayers, and spoke of people
such as this entering His Kingdom before all of us…
An elderly woman, let’s call her Mrs Benkő,visited us one morning
to tell us that the Lord had heard our intercessory prayers.
The day after we prayed for her, her long standing problems
with her abusive drug addicted son was resolved.
Thank you Lord for being present and acting. 

Donation Shop

Autumn has brought cooler weather with itself,
and it is time you visited us and had look at the Autumn accessories.
Scarves, coats, bags and other originals.
You can find us in Lovag utca no. 18, in the 6th district,
open between 2 and 6 pm.
Before heading off shopping we suggest you read this article:


FIRE Evangelisation

A Fire Evangelisation will be held on October 22nd,
at the Dialogue House. This evangelisation is
aimed especially at youth and will focus on the topic of freedom.
We will turn to God in praise and listen to
people give testimonies about our Saviour and His Good News.
The gathering ends with the opportunity for personal intercessory prayer.
For more information click on the image.



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