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Dear Friends,

We are still under the spell of Christmas, even though it is January.
The true gifts of the Christmas season, the real meaning of the celebration,
the heart to heart conversations, and the hope in the eyes has not left us.
We have received a lot of help this past month, well prepared clothing donations,
food donations, Christmas parcels, toys, and volunteer help.
We would especially like to thank the Good Shepherd Sisters,
a class from the St Mary Ward School, students of the Corvinus University,
parishioners from Pasarét, catechism students of Éva Csillag,
and support and donations from Fúzió, Új Szó, Fekrány, Csücsöp, and the Bokor Community.
We were able to help make almost 300 individuals' Christmas brighter.

The joy of Christmas and Easter complete each other.


Why is this tree so beautiful? Why did we decorate it?
We did it together, homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics, volunteers, colleagues, during a special Bible study. The decorations were all in a basket waiting for us to hang them.
Year end thanksgiving is a good opportunity for us to remember how God is present in our lives,
and when we noticed Him. After each story or testimony another decoration was placed on the tree.
After 24 years of addiction Viktor shared how he was filled with the Holy Spirit while watching TV at the shelter and how he accepted God as his Father.
Granny Manyi, who has lived in shelters for 20 years gives thanks for providence and her life.
Erik tells of how God declared his love for him in a dream and gave him strength to change.
A volunteer Barna felt God’s presence this year mostly through a family reconciliation.
This Christmas tree is witness to the fact that God is real
and can be experienced by all.
Regardless of where we are and in what situation, He is with us. 

Toncsi's Christmas

An interview was conducted with one of our guests, for the whole article click on the picture:
“I cannot celebrate with anyone, there is no one left.
I had friends a long time ago, true friends, but these are different times.
I go up to young people and play the harmonica for them.
There is no one beside me but God. He though is always there! Everywhere!
He and the social workers always help.”


Guests for Christmas

Our institution held its Christmas celebration on December 22.
The Christmas parcels were composed of the donations we received,
and we were helped in the packaging by university student volunteers and colleagues.
A gift that returns year after year is Éva Csilla and her catechism students' nativity play.
It its one authored especially for those in need, and was written and presented by children.
At the end of the performance our director shared the testimony of her life,
and her husband Deacon Zoltán Kunszabó spoke of true love
and of the One who came among us and Who always accepts us and loves us.
We served a Christmas luncheon for our guests.
200 restaurant prepared lunches for our guests were funded by a couple.
Thank you for your help in making this season truly festive.
Have a look at some of the pictures by clicking on the link below. 


Our families

We would like to pass on to you the thanks of our families.
83 children received shoe boxes filled with gifts this Christmas,
all prepared by you, and thus these families had something to put under the tree.
In addition we were able to support 35 families with large food parcels.
Thank you to the parishioners in Pasarét and the cooperation of various communities
and school classes. Thank you for the gift donations from families, private individuals.
I would like to pass on the words of Granny Enikő, who is raising her 9 grandchildren,
“It is touching that strangers love us and support us.
Thank you so much! I am very happy that I will have something to give to the children!
There are still good people!”


Our Charity Shop

The Advent evening of our shop ended successfully.
Our shoppers were happy for not only our unique merchandise but also for the special sales.
One of our regular customers Csilla said,
“They pamper people here, I always find something, the service is so kind and the tea is divine!”
If we have aroused your interest visit our shop in Budapest,
6th district, Lovag utca 18. Monday to Friday 14:00-18:00
We look forward to seeing you.

our tea corner

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Thank you for your help