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Only One Mission

Faithful working for those in need

Dear Friends

We are preparing for Autumn and collecting clothing,
buying fuel and crisis kits with which to support the needy.
It was a joy to learn this past month that several of our guests enrolled
in school to continue their unfinished education and
thus open further possibilities in advancing their lives.
There are several programs coming up so get ready to follow the news.

What is behind it all?

Often the situation a homeless person is in is only a symptom or the consequence of something. Naturally the first thing that comes to our mind is some sort of judgement… but reading the words of our colleague may change our opinion.

By clicking on the picture below we have an opportunity to see behind the facade…

Visiting St. Angela’s Secondary School

At the beginning of October, on the occasion of the feast of St Francis, the head of our mission Mrs Anna Pataki Kunszabó and our colleague Tamás Berki visited the students of St. Angela’s Secondary school to introduce our mission and the people who visit us. At this time the Only One Mission hosted a grade seven class who were able personally to see our work.

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Crisis Period

Beyond basic operating costs  we also try to help out with sudden expenditures, medical costs, and food parcels. In October we were able to provided 210 490. Forints worth of help to our guests, the increased costs are due to the colder weather and the need for heating as more people in need are asking for help against the cold nights and unheated flats in addition to their necessary medication. Many cannot work due to illness and thus their income drops which would help improve their lives.

In bad weather and rain not having the right clothing is not only uncomfortable but also leads to illness. This month we have even encountered people still in slippers…

Thank you for all the clothing donations, warm socks and financial support!

As winter approaches please continue to support our work.


I would like to give my support

From Librarian to street sweeper

In our Support program we are trying to support Jenő.
As part of the state public works program Jenő cleans streets and squares.
But this was not always the case .One would not think that this humble quiet man,
with stubble and a red face has a university degree for history teaching and library work in a secondary school.

He held his previous job for thirty years. He led a department in one of the nations leading libraries
and now he makes his living sweeping the streets and as his health worsens even that is in question…
can he hold on until he arrives at retirement age.

If you would like to know more about this person and support him click here

On Friday it’s Mission Impossible

A smile, a hug, an encouraging glance, a prayer. All these can be felt without words. The young missionaries of YWAM choose the most effective form of evangelism with practical help and care. A Finnish and an Australian group visited our institution and helped our guests with haircuts, pedicures and manicures. All the while they spoke and prayed with them. It was touching to see how close they grew to our guests and how their merciful love restored the human dignity of these people.  

Thank you for theri service!


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Charity shop

We look forward to seeing you in our shop now with autumn and winter accessories and with a continually expanding selection of merchandise

You can make purchases on line in our webshop here.

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Any donations related to Christmas, Advent decorations, or winter items in addition to electronic appliances are welcome

Thank you for your support!

National Charismatic Gathering

The 26th National Charismatic Gathering will be on November 11th, from 9:30.

The theme is : Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus! (Rev 22,20)

The Charismatic renewal as part of the plan of salvation and our service and mission builds on this.

We invite all to spend this day with us be be renewed by the Spirit of God and His fire and love.

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Thank you for your support!