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Only One Mission

Dear Friends,

June in numbers: 116 678 Ft-were spent helping over 20 needy people with their prescription medication; almost 80,000 Ft was spent purchasing food parcels, transportations costs and utility costs for our families. Due to the summer school break home supervision and meals for some children are a problem. Our volunteers are helping a large family with child supervision.
Thank you for your donations, financial and material donations! Without your help we could not have accomplished so much. 

                 Jenő - ‘The two sides of a record’. 

In our Mission we often realise that what we see in a person’s life is only one side of a record… we need to be more sensitive and dare to look behind what is in front of us, to see what might be on the other side. A man in his fifties, who once volunteered helping the homeless himself, worked with children in the institute for the blind, found himself in a dire situation almost a year ago, and thus found our mission. His life was broken in two by an illness towards the end of his twenties, he was unable to recover, he could not do physically demanding work. He had lived a comfortable life up until then but was forced to use up his savings, sell his valuables… and now has nothing. He worked as a nursing assistant, in elderly care, and a doorman for shorter periods of time, but is out of work at present. We are looking for a workplace for him, one to last until he retires, a place where he can work part time and regain his dignity. If anyone knows of such a place please write to us at  csakegyet@gmail.com-ra.


Bible study 

God yet again showed us how important it is that we speak of Jesus’ redemption to those who visit us. János is a twenty year old Roma lad who has been a guest for a longer period and has taken part in several evangelisation events, yet his heart now opened enough to allow God to touch him. During Bible study and teaching he sits silently by himself. He sometimes wipes his eyes and then asks that we pray especially for him. In our little chapel kneeling before Jesus his whole life’s pain, guilt came to the surface… The tortured expression on his face showed the pain of the guilt he was experiencing. He bowed there before the crucifix on the wall as the adulterous woman must have. While we prayed we experienced the infinite mercy of God as He accepted him… These are significant moments when we realise anew how important it is that we offer this Heavenly mercy again and again  to those who have suffered much, those how have been left by the wayside. God loves them so much! János truly does want to change, We are working with professionals and looking for the best mode of rehabilitation. At present we have found accommodation for him with the Mission Foundation.

Remembering one of our own

He will not be remembered in the daily papers, no one will write a farewell on their facebook page, there is no wreath on his grave, and no wake after the burial. Who mourns the dead homeless?
We want to remember those who have no one. We say good-bye to those homeless who have died this past year and month.
One particular death touches us, that of Toni. A man in his fifties, with a broken nose, who was almost a daily presence in our mission since the day it opened. He made everyone happy with his harmonica and joyful presence. He loved us and we him, and what is more important he loved God, and that may be enough.
We trust his heart will now find peace near his Creator, and not only him, but the many “anonymous nobodies”, who are know by name by the greatest Love.
Do not fear, for I have redeemed you, I have summoned you by name, you are mine Isaiah 43:1 

The game of Life

Lose you mother as a child - take two steps back.
Alcoholic father - lose a turn.
Early adulthood, siblings in institutions – roll a 1 to move forward.
Abandoned studies, 30 years physical work – only one step forward.
Alcoholic husband - return to starting square.
Public housing – roll twice.
Sudden expenses, falling into debt – lose a turn.
Health problems, back pains – step back two.
Living in constant uncertainty - one step back
Living with patience and in hope - step forward 3 squares
If you would like to help this vulnerable woman, who has been playing at this none too easy game of life for fifty years, support Vilma and her family. Their monthly expenditures are more than their monthly income, their mortgage payment is a great burden on Vilma every month (25 000 Ft.)
Send your support to the following bank account and write Vilma in the comments
EFRATA Alapítvány 11719001 – 20322546,  
IBAN HU 87 1171 9001 2032 2546 000 0000    SWIFT OTPVHUHB

Our English langauge learning group

Donation shop merchandise

Charity shop

The donation shop can be found at Izbella utca 36-38 and is reached by public transposition with the the Electric bus that runs between Jászai Mari square and Keleti Pályaudvar (eastern Railway Station).
There are unique gift items and summer reading, summer clothing, household appliances to be found.
We continue to accept donations, board games, sporting supplies, old games and toys, and all such items that could be of value to someone else
Come and visit and then spread the word. 

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