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Only One Mission

Dear Friends,

Our account of our May work arrives a bit late, nonetheless we would like to share it with you. We were able to help the needy with food, medicine, utility fees, accommodation, and travel, to the amount of 165,455 Forint. It was a special joy that several of you responded to our call and sent help, and amongst other joys “Mary’s dream”, that she be able to take her grandchildren to the zoo, came to pass. In addition our donation shop finished its move.
Thank you for your help!


 Food donations arrived

  A enormous food donation arrived in the middle of May. With these donations we were able to help 16 families with non-perishable foods. Thank you on behalf of the families to the Regnum Christi Community and their collection!

Thank you

Our donation shop is open at a new location

We opened our donation shop at Izabella street 36-38, where we continue to welcome our kind customers!
opening hours:

Monday 10:00-18:00
Tuesday 10:00-17:00
Wednesday 10:00-17:00
Thursday 10:00-17:00
Friday 10:00-16:00

Clothing items, books, kitchen wares, records, CDs, DVDs, appliances, and all sorts of unique items await. If you would like to donate or shop online find us at our website or at one of our interfaces!

New store

Relations with Mission Foundation

We visited the Mission Foundation and learnt of their services. They operate a multi-step hostel, where they not only give accommodation, but also mental, and social help, in addition to working with the families. Their work is based on Christian principles and seeks to help to restore the complete person. We are happy to work in cooperation with them and thus widen our ability to accompany someone in need for a longer period. God bless their mission abundantly!


This is the Day 2017

László Viktor supported our community in Ózd and the Only One Mission and they were able to take part in the This is the Day program.
A young couple from Ózd came to the Lord through participating in the event, up to now they were only distantly aware of the faith, but through the praise and worship God’s fire touched them and they have begun to attend the Ózd community. 

Levente - We have to trust 

“I have’t been to a place like this is two years”, says the thirty-something guest. The stations in his life have been the gypsy ghetto, poverty, institutions, sickness (cancer), faith, trust, and perseverance. In two years Levente moved from homelessness to renting an apartment on his own. He has a steady job, and likes to learn, he would like to become a cook, and eventually a cooking teacher. “It is so good to see from where God has lifted me, This gives me even more strength. This is what I encourage the others with , that you have to start, step by step. At first I only made 70 000 Forints a month. Trust in God and then in yourself. The order is important too! Everyone is responsible for their life, nobody should surrender, there is always hope! The hope to begin again!” In saying goodbye, Levente told us the good news that he is going abroad for two weeks on holiday. 
The purpose of our mission that the people we serve, like Levente, find hope.


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