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Faithful serving those in need

Dear Friends

August saw the beginning of the renovations of our institution, painting and renewal.
We were able to help our guests with 162,800 Ft in medicine and food.
We were able to support our school aged children with vouchers. We also received 150 kg of peppers from the Catholic Caritas. Thank you for your monthly donations, and volunteer help. We had a blessed month.


Giving hope can only happen in an environment that is orderly, attractive and where people feel at home. We wanted our institution to be a beautiful and motivating environment for our guests, in contrast to the degrading and demoralising environments they often encounter. After several months of fundraising we were able to amass funds in our budget to begin renovations during the summer, including industrial ventilation which now enable a better quality paint job. We would like a “living room”, and an area to sit and chat, we appreciate any thoughts and donations. 
 Efrata Alapítvány, 
 11719001 – 20322546

Bible Study

In the past weeks we have experienced even more the work of the Holy Spirit among the poor During prayer and during Bible study the Lord placed on our heart the scripture passage from Matthew 25:34 “Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance”. We felt that God Himself awaits His poor with a laden table! During the prayer God filled our hearts with His infinite love towards the poor and we understood that He looks upon them all as His children and watches over them all individually. This made us look with different eyes upon those who are often hostile towards us and those who constantly cause disturbances and we understood that the patience with which cope with them and their actions has a supernatural dimension. We try to entrust the Holy Spirit with prayer and Bible study time and He truly does make Himself manifest. 
We may never have had as many participants as two weeks ago. It was amazing to see the desire of so many broken and humbled people for God. The topic was the importance of deciding in favour of God. There is no material incentive whatsoever on the part of the mission, no more provisions, or reward for participation, and thus it was wonderful to see that at the end of the Bible study almost everyone decided that they want to live according to Our Lord Jesus’ commandments. Many asked for personal intercessory prayer and some, often to their great surprise, indicated the following day that a changed had happened in their health or their circumstances
During prayer for the colleagues the Lord spoke to us. He told us His treasury is infinite and we are to ask for His Spirit to help us do the work we do. We experience what Jesus said and is true today, if we ask for the Spirit He will come and act (see Luke 11, 5, 11)
The hight of our workweek is alway the Tuesday prayer, this is the time we ourselves receive strength and experience God’s infinite mercy and love towards the people He has led to us. The best evangelisation is exactly this, when this Love, through healing and petitions heard is experienced first-hand by we ourselves and those we work with.

Community support

We meet countless numbers of people who month after month have difficulty making ends meet and without help would face crisis situations. Anna and her family are like this. We have written about her before, she is a single mother of 4, and a community heard of her plight and decided to help her in a complete new way.
The Fekrány community decided to ‘adopt’ a family. They first met at our mission and got to know each other.
The support is not only of a financial sort, they try to make the children’s lives more colourful with positive experiences They took the daughter to the cinema and the boys were able to attend a football game for the first time in their lives.
Thank you for the help!

Reach out and adopt!

If helping others is on your heart and you would like to help a life, or raise up a family, either by yourself or together with friends, colleagues, or a community, than you can join with the Fekrány Community and through them join our “Reach Out” Program.
You will adopt people and families that through no fault of their own have found themselves in dire straits. A tragedy, a sickness, an unexpected expense, bad lodgings have put these in a precarious situation from which they are unable to move forward alone
How much and how you help is up to you, and with the help of the mission we will help you find the best way to help
For more information click here.

Charity shop

Our shop awaits shoppers with a constantly growing selection of merchandise, you can even shop from the comfort of your own home online through our web-shop.
This month we even received a wedding dress, visit our website and have a look, or on our Facebook page. We look forward to greeting both our customers and those bringing donations. 

Help with school supplies

The beginning of the school year is always a big burden for large families sending their children to school or kindergarten. In addition to the books there are all sorts of supplies that need to be purchased and that need to be replaced year by year. In the case of one child this may amount to between 5 to 10 thousand forints. Our mission was able to support families in need with vouchers at the end of August. We kindly ask you to pray for these children, that they find their place in school and succeed at their studies. Thank you!

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Thank you for the help!