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Only One Mission

Faithful for those in need

Dear Friends,

When others are able to join our mission, understand our vision, we know even more then that we are not alone! This past month of March we experienced this unity with our volunteers, interns, supporters, and Slovak Christian brethren. They arrived from Eperjes and shared the Good News, the Word that enriches their whole lives and is the only way to a happy and full life! Thank you for being a part of our mission.

Finally peace

We asked for your help on behalf of E. an amazing mother who sacrifices so much, working day and night to raise her seven children. With the significant help of sponsors we were finally able to find a suitable home for her family, in a lovely two room apartment, where she no longer has to fear eviction. Thank you for all of your generous donations. In order for this mother to be able to further save for their own apartment she needs help with furnishings. If you have 4-6 plastic or light wooden chairs, or a table, or kitchen wares please contact us. We would happily accept financial donations for this family. When making a donation through bank draft please include the comment “seven children”. We can be reached through the website csakegyet.hu . Thank you.


Two social pedagogy students from the Pázmány Péter Catholic University spent their internship with us. We asked them about their experience.
I was here as a volunteer three years ago, and now I am observing operations from a professional  perspective. During the internship it was a challenge to work at several postings, paying great attention, learning the administration,  social work and cooperating with the guests. It took a while before I was able to completely identify with the vision of “Only One Mission”, often things are part of a longer process in the life of person. People cannot be judged according to average norms, they each deserve individual attention. It was a joy to be together in a family atmosphere with an accepting team during my internship.
I wish all the guests hope and faith to move forward. 

Árpi:This was the first place where I came into closer contact with the homeless. I had lots of questions during the early days as to how the social work here was effective in the lives of the guest. They start at such a disadvantage and have to struggle and I did not see what if anything they could hold on to. It was during Bible study that a moment came when I understood the unique mission of “Only One”, when I saw hope sparkle in people’s eyes. This is how an individual is able to move forward, it is God who is able to begin the process of change in us. I believe that this encounter with God may be the first step. I learnt a lot from the colleagues, from their ability to solve conflicts, their personal attitudes and openness.


The evangelisation of our Slovak brethren

An outstanding event this month was the visit of leaders of Slovak charismatic Catholic communities  to our Bible study. One of the leaders of the group was once addicted to drugs and gave his testimony of the delivering power of Christ, and then provided the opportunity for those wanting to make a decision and give their life to Jesus. Several people said the prayer of conversion and asked for intercessory prayer after the Bible study, including those who had never before asked for prayer. It was wonderful to see the living Church as middle class Slovaks and Hungarian Gypsy children praised God together and how the power of the Holy Spirit poured forth, healing and delivering. We look forward to seeing them again.
You can see pictures of the visit by clicking on the image below.  

YWAM ministered at our mission

At the end of March YWAM visited us again. Their worldwide mission takes them all over the globe to minister and evangelise and to serve specific social projects. As the guests of Only One Mission they served the homeless cutting hair, giving manicures, with such joy as if this was the most commonplace activity for them. Though they spoke different languages than the guests their gestures, and kind attention towards our homeless returned (if only for a short time) the dignity of these individuals.
Thank you!
Have a look at the picture gallery by clicking on the picture. 

Friday craft club

Zsófi, who has been volunteering with us for many years hosts a craft club on Fridays at our centre. She steps into a world of sad eyes, worn out lives, brutality and hardened hearts. She then turns with such love towards the most rejected, most aggressive, most annoying (yes, sadly many are) and without judgement works with them in an amazing way. She sits beside them, listens to them, pays attention, and slowly with time the hardness softens and achieves her goal. She would like to do but one thing, to love the one present there.
For more pictures click on the picture below.


Charity Shop

Spring is here, and as you change your wardrobe you feel you are not unique and individual enough and want something to add to your style come and look around, have a look at all our accessories!
If you would like to make a donation, please bring things that others would be happy to have. (Kitchen wares, gift items, jewellery, shoes, bags, games etc.) You can find us at Lovag utca 18, and we are open every day between 14:00-18:00!

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