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Only One Mission

Faithful for those in Need

Dear Friends,

Our report on February events is arriving a bit late this time.
We made great progress that month, thanks to your prayer and support.
We were able to help in accommodation, prescription medicine, transportation,
and decisions with long term effects were born.
We shall tell of these in this newsletter. 

"Only One"


Some individuals and families need help that is beyond the scope of our institution.
It may be an illness, and unexpected crisis, a death,
or education costs that burden our guests and in which we are unable to help.
For this reason we are grateful for your generous donations.
A couple has begun to support a family and a chronically ill individual.
A single mother was ‘adopted’ by a community.
We would like to encourage other individuals, families,
communities, businesses, colleagues, to ‘adopt one’.
This would help to ensure a stable ‘background’ for our guests.
For more information please get in touch with us at csakegyet@gmail.com.

Food donation

In February friends from Fairfood and Herbalife visited us.
The mission of Fairfood, an online food ordering company,
is to support organizations providing food to the needy.
This month it supported the Only One Mission,
not only financially but by visiting the mission and helping
with food distribution and talking to our guests.
Herbalife specialises in health foods and supplements,
and brought a vitamin rich, filling tomato soup for our guests.
Thank you for choosing us!
To hear a report with the head of the institution please click on the link.


English classis

We would like to introduce Eszter, who has been giving English classes
to our guests for several weeks now. Her enthusiasm and good humour is contagious.
She works with our guests with the utmost sensitivity and respect,
as if this was an elite setting.
She is not a teacher, yet her personality lifts these tired and broken people.
She knows that one of the things they most need is encouragement…
and she takes care to praise and encourage each one of them individually.
There is a lot more taking place than simply learning the English language.
In this study group the students feel that they are appreciated and experience success,
it is a great thing that they can say “I am good at something!”  

Clothing donations

A law student association, JÖSZ, organised a clothing drive for our guests in February. These clothes were much appreciated by our homeless guests during this long and cold winter. Law students from the Catholic university collected several bags of clothes. In our experience such collections not only benefit those receiving the donation but also those giving, as they grow in solidarity and in sensitivity to those in need. It is especially good that those who in the future will be working in the field of law encounter those who often are the most left out of society’s legal protection. Thank you for their support.

A contract is signed

After years of searching and trying this mother of seven was able to move into a home. She was able to move into an apartment with her children. Our foundation signed an agreement with the owner. Our goal is that she have a safe place to raise her children. The apartment is downtown and in a well accessible area, and thus the mother, who works at several jobs, will be better able to ensure all her children’s needs. We hope a more peaceful time will begin in this family’s life. 

Bible Study

We begin the Bible study with two or three people, with the knowledge and faith that God is present. We take our needs and failures before the Lord and await His answer. There is often a need for healing or encouragement, or for comfort or deliverance. The best thing is that that these cannot be planned, it is God’s right to give His grace as He sees fit. Sometimes a Bible study visibly touches someone and we see the personal love of God for every individual. A God who leaves the 99 to go after the one lost lamb.

Charity Shop

We would invite all to our shop in the 6th district in Love street. New merchandise in always arriving and spring items are out. Come and visit us. Donations too can be made here, items in good condition and repair. For more information visit our website bolt.csakegyet.hu.

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Thank you for the support.